Medicine Dispenser

Medication Dispenser

The Medicine Dispenser facilitates the daily taking of medicines, allowing complete treatments to be programmed, in addition to ensuring that they are taken through various components that monitor the process.

Drug Dispenser


The project in question is made up of two well differentiated parts; on the one hand, the drug dispenser that contains all the hardware components as well as being the "brain" in charge of controlling all the physical components. On the other hand, the management system that allows, through a web application, to schedule medication taking times, control, monitor and configure any aspect of the dispenser and its environment.

In addition, it is not only intended to develop a system that allows to control the taking of medications, but also has the necessary functionalities that allow knowing if the medication corresponding to a specific schedule has really been taken and function as a control station environmental. That is, it allows knowing the environmental temperature, humidity, gas detection or if the dispenser has received some kind of hit or fall.

Environmental monitoring not only makes it possible to check the environment in which the user of the system lives, but also serves to review the status of medications and prevent their deterioration.

Such a system would not be of much help without a notification system. For this reason, it is also intended to incorporate a notification system that allows users of a specific dispenser to be informed of possible anomalies in the environment of the pillbox or whether a scheduled medication has actually been taken.

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