Fall Detector

For Indoor or Outdoor

Fall Detectors

It works completely autonomously, in addition to alerting people to falls indoors or outdoors, it can guide the user to return home (Alzheimer's cases). 

Many people are forced in many cases to live alone and independently in their homes, with all the risks that this entails, our objective with the "Fall Detector" is to provide the location of the user, the automatic detection of falls and monitoring of activity for use indoors and outdoors.

With the increase in the number of older people and the reduction of social security and medical care budgets, the maintenance of older people in their homes for as long as possible is being reinforced. One of the major risks faced by the "frail elderly" (elderly, sick) is falls. 30% of older people fall at least once a year, representing 75% of fall victims.

YRISH Technology

Fall Detectors

Falls in the Elderly

The fall causes 70% of fatal accidents in the group of people over 75 years of age, and an increase in fear, anxiety or depression, which leads to a reduction in the daily activity of this group.

These facts are the reason for the development of our "Fall Detector" which offers an automatic fall detection and prevention solution, thus ensuring a quick response in the event that this occurs, whether it is inside or outside the home.

One of the most important objectives of this product is to offer the user confidence in the performance of their tasks and their daily life. As an added value attribute, we highlight the possibility of monitoring the user's daily activity, which is useful to have a follow-up by the person's doctor.

Features and Functionalities

  • Detección Automática de Caídas
    La detección automática de caídas, sin la necesidad de pulsar un botón para emitir la alarma, se considera una diferencia importante comparado con los sistemas existentes.
  •  Indoor and outdoor use
    Advanced technologies have been applied to achieve the required functions, as well as to enable its use indoors and outdoors. Miniaturization and low power consumption have been taken into account from the beginning. 
  • Location of the User by GPS
    GPS technology is used to locate the user, to optimize energy consumption, the acquisition of coordinates is configured according to the speed of the user, that is, if he is going by bus or car, the coordinates will be taken more frequently than when the user moves slowly. 
  • GSM/GPRS communications
    GSM/GPRS transmission and reception modules are used for communication, used both to send or receive data from the caregiver, as well as for bidirectional voice communication. 
  • Return to Home Indication
    The user's location has two main interests: the user's location when a fall is detected to send emergency services to the site where that person is located and to help a lost user find their way home.
  • Panic button
    The incorporation of an alarm button in the device ensures its function not only when for whatever reason the system has not detected a fall, but also for any other emergency that the user may demand. 

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